Custom Workshops

All workshops are custom designed to fit the organization, audience, time constraints, and location. 

All workshops are custom priced based on content, audience, timing & location. 

Currently, all workshops are virtual.

Please schedule a meeting to discuss your needs, budget and timeframe.

Common Workshop Topics – detailed descriptions below:
  • What is financial freedom?
  • Investment Education
  • Retirement Savings Strategies
  • Tax Strategies
  • Estate Planning & Legacy
  • Education Savings
  • Insurance & Fringe Benefits

Workshop Descriptions

What is financial freedom?

This workshop is designed for small-to-midsize groups seeking to deeply understand why we seek to save money and create financial plans in the first place.

We will explore our deepest ambitions for our lives, and define what financial freedom actually means to each one of us. Hint: it’s so much more than just retirement.

An Investment Workshop that Anyone Can Understand

Millions of people have their life savings in stocks, bonds, and mutual funds, but how many people truly understand how these investments actually work? 

This workshop will demystify the capital markets so that regular people can feel empowered and confident when reviewing their current investments or making new investment decisions. 

Strategies to Maximize Your Retirement Savings

This workshop will focus on retirement savings vehicles and strategies that will both minimize current income taxes and maximize the amount of money you can save for retirement.

Topics include all major types of IRAs, the impact of pre-tax vs. after-tax contributions, Roth conversions, self-employed retirement options, and the role of health savings accounts before and after retirement.

Tax Strategies for Regular People

Does it feel like every year your tax bill or refund is a complete surprise? Our tax system is probably more complicated than it needs to be, so this workshop will help regular families understand the tax code so that you can plan appropriately for April 15.

We’ll teach you how tax brackets and deductions actually work, which deductions  will and won’t save you money, and how to use your retirement and health savings to minimize your taxes.

Everything You Need to Know About Insurance

Have you ever wondered if you have too much or too little insurance? Is there some type of insurance that you’ve heard about but you aren’t sure if you actually need it ot not?

This course will demystify the major considerations for many types of insurance, including: life, disability, health, property, umbrella, dental, vision, and long term care. We’ll even touch on all of those warranties that stores offers for every little purchase!

Estate Planning and Your Legacy

Estate planning is so much more than just your will (less than half of Americans even have one). Even if your assets are minimal, proper estate planning can ensure that your wishes are followed and that you are able to leave behind a meaningful legacy for the ones you love.

We’ll show you how to plan for what you know will happen, what you hope will happen, and what you hope will never happen. In this workshop, we will consider your medical wishes, personal property, digital assets, charitable contributions, gifts, trusts, and your legacy documents.